Kyung Hwan “Brian” Min, M.S.Ed. 

Founder & Intercultural Educator

Pronouns: (He/His/Him)

What shook Brian’s world upside down was when he moved to the United States at 15 years old. Coming from a homogeneous Korean society, it was a challenging adjustment to make at first to understand a bigger volume of differences - such as cultures, expressions, values, and ideas - around him and ultimately connect with them. At times, this meant figuring out who he was first as he often experienced being an outlier. But, along the way, Brian has discovered the power diversity and unity generates and the beauty of celebrating oneself the way they are. This personal journey became a starting point for Brian with his passion building a diverse and just society where all people belong.

Zana, Belgium

"I know Korea, but there is so much more about the culture and language I need to understand. By meeting other people and challenging myself, I can only learn about myself in this world I know, but is not mine."

Hope, Korea

"Even when we are looking at the same thing, each person has their own unique interpretation. I'd like to meet and interact with people from different countries and diverse backgrounds because that will help me understand others and myself a little better."

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